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President's Message

Prof. Dr. Şahin Karasar
President of Maltepe University Prof. Dr. Şahin Karasar

As Maltepe University, we believe in the power of knowledge and education to make a difference, and since 1997, when we were founded, we continue to educate young people who are aware of this power.

We accept social interaction and social benefit as our basic principle to be considered together with our education and research activities, which are the main fields of activity of universities. We believe that the power of knowledge to make a difference and education make significant contribution to raising individuals with strong national, moral and ethical values, high business ethics, responsibility and competence.

We see non-governmental organizations, local governments and industry as important stakeholders in our effort to make a difference. We define internationalization as one of our priority goals and consider that our international collaborations offer us the opportunity to re-evaluate the “local” by associating it with “global and universal.”

We consider digitalization that we have prioritized all along and make significant progress as our essential. We think that we are one of the best representatives of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning in Turkish higher education system; keep being the representative of an education understanding is beyond time and space.  

We adopt student-oriented education approach that supports innovation and is open to change. To offer areas where our students can realize their potential while preparing for professional life, we believe in the importance of being able to inspire them to discover and innovate. This priority is reflected on the interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder research and projects of our rigorous academic staff, as well as our approach that moves education beyond the classroom.

Located in nature, we evaluate physical facilities of our campus to raise efficiency, interaction, personal and academic development, and joint production, and believe that we have created an environment that "lives" and makes students feel proud of being part.  

Our mission is to continue to make a difference for a “better future” with our students, graduates, academic and administrative code.