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Founder's Message

Hüseyin Şimşek
Founder of Maltepe University Hüseyin Şimşek

I think it is your qualifications and knowledge that will direct your life and lead the way to your dream life. I believe that it is significant for a person to be respected with his / her knowledge, personality, and above all, humanism. In this regard, I believe that a good university education should encourage you to increase your knowledge by associating it with your life and dreams, set your priorities and realize your strengths, in short, ask yourselves “Who am I and what do I want to accomplish?” 

The foundations of Maltepe University were established on the dream of creating such an area for you. Today, I believe that we have realized this dream with you with our undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, vocational school, research centers operating intertwined with our education programs,  local and international projects with multi-stakeholder, and social and cultural activities.

We continue to take important steps together in terms of internationalization at our University, a member of the European University Association, which has been awarded with the "Diploma Supplement Label" by the European Commission. Our International Student Congresses, which are organized every year by you, allow young people from different geographies to share their research in a multinational environment, develop joint projects and establish cross-border friendships. Our student mobility is growing as part of the Erasmus exchange program, which is expanding every year with our increasing agreements.

I follow and support your efforts to create platforms where you can discuss your ideas freely, and bring your creativity and innovative approach to life. Products of your joint efforts, the newspaper application, student clubs that are formed around themes from cinema to entrepreneurship, from literature to technology make Maltepe University more vibrant, effective and unique. Your participation in national and international congresses, film and art festivals and competitions to represent our University make us proud of your work. 

I believe that education's power to make a difference grows to the extent that it is transferred beyond the classroom and come into contact with life. Our multi-partner social responsibility projects, which we have realized with the cooperation of non-governmental organizations, industry and local governments, allow us to use this power effectively.

An innovative approach that supports creativity is now a prerequisite of our age. Our technical facilities on campus both support such an approach and enable theoretical knowledge and practice to be considered together. Our movie plateaus, the second largest university plateau in Europe, brings the media sector to our University. Building Materials Laboratory within the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, exemplary court room for the Faculty of Law; construction workshop, which provides design opportunities for the Faculty of Architecture students, support creativity and offer comprehensive application areas.

Dear Students,

I know that you have the courage to follow your heart, your mind, your dreams and you will continue to use these opportunities offered by our University in the best way to make your dreams possible. I firmly believe that we will continue to make a difference for you and with you.

May your path be open, your face should always be smiling.


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