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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

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  • Housing and Meal Scholarship

    Of students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs with full scholarship outside Istanbul (provided that they have been residing in a province other than Istanbul for the past year), those whose placement score rank in Turkey is between 1-10.000 are offered free accommodation and three courses of meals, and those whose placement score rank in Turkey is between 10.001-20.000 are offered free accommodation only. 

  • Success Scholarship

    Upon the condition of studying for one year in associate / undergraduate programs at our university, students who rank in top three of their class are granted 75%, 50% and 25% Success Scholarships according to their rank respectively. Students who meet the requirements for Success Scholarship but cannot benefit from fee discount are offered Housing and Meal Scholarship. The discount earned with Success Scholarship starts in the following academic year (except for Summer Term). 



  • Ministry of Youth and Sports National Sports Scholarship

    Full scholarships are offered to national athletes who are placed in our university in accordance with the results of 2021 YKS and are documented to be successful in the last 4 years in the sports fields listed below. The groups are as follows:

    Group 1; Sportsmen who won medals in the Olympics, Paralympic and Deaflimpic Games, Youth Olympics, Olympics and Paralympic sports, World and European Championship Finals in the senior category, World and European Cup Finals in the senior category of non-World Championships,

    Group 2; Sportsmen who won medals in Under-21, Youth and Stars categories of Olympic and Paralympic sports branches in World and European Championship Finals, in World and European Cup Finals, European Games, University Games, Mediterranean Games, Islamic Games, European Olympic Youth Summer and Winter Festivals, World Championships organized by FISU (International University Sports Federation), and who attended Olympics, Paralympic and Deaflimpic Games and Youth Olympics.

    Group 3; Sportsmen who won medal in international contests and tournaments in which sportmen from minimum 16 countries and sports teams from minimum 9 countries attend, and which are listed on the contest calender of international federations and organized in Olympics and Paraliympics sports branches, and sportsmen who participated in European and World Championship Finals organized under the categories of Senior, Under 21, Youth and Stars of Olympics and Paralympics sports branches, and who attended European and World Championships organized under the categories of Senior, Under 21, Youth and Stars of non-World and European Championships.

  • IB International Baccalaureate Scholarship

    Of students who have graduated with an IB diploma from private or public schools in Turkey, those who have IB diploma score of minimum 42 are granted 95% discount, and those who have IB diploma score of 32 and above are granted 50% discount.

  • Maltepe Scholarship

    According to the results of ÖSYS, candidates who are placed in full-paid programs other than the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Nursing as their first choice (except for those who are placed in programs with 25% and 50% scholarships), who graduated from a high school within the borders of Maltepe district of Istanbul province or who are registered in the province-district of Istanbul-Maltepe where they are registered to the Civil Registry or who have been living in Maltepe district of Istanbul province for at least one year are granted 25% discount at the final registration. 

  • ÖSYM Scholarship and Discount

    The scholarship covers students who are placed and registered in the programs indicated as 100% Scholarship, 50% Discount or 25% Discount in the Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide.

    * ÖSYM Scholarships are offered continuously throughout the maximum education period (one year for compulsory English program, four years for associate degree programs, seven years for undergraduate programs, nine years for the Faculty of Medicine), regardless of the success status.