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How to join Maltepe University??

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  • Vertical Transfer

    SSPC conducts placement procedures for the vertical transfer of graduates of vocational colleges and open education associate degree programs to undergraduate programs, which are the continuation of the program they completed. The information regarding our programs that will accept students with Vertical Transfer is published on the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) Guide published by SSPC every year. Candidates must take this exam in order to register our University with Vertical Transfer, choose the University programs in the DGS Guide and be placed in these programs by SSPC.

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  • Special Student Admission

    Students who are enrolled in an associate or undergraduate degree program of another higher education institution can take courses in Summer or Fall-Spring Terms with the status of "Special Student," applying with Special Student Application Form. In order to be eligible for admission, the consent of relevant committees from both universities is required. 

    A certificate documenting the performance of students in the course or courses they take is given at the end of the term to students with Special Student status. 

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  • International Student Admission

    Our university hosts high number of students from different countries; offers an internationally competent educational environment. Candidates who will study at our university with the status of international students can follow the announcements and submit their applications through the online system on the date of application.

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  • Horizontal Transfer

    Horizontal transfer applications to Maltepe University are evaluated based on candidates' grade point average (GPA) and SSPE Central Placement Score. Applications are accepted online on the dates announced each year. In order to be eligible for application according to GPA, the conditions specified in the relevant regulation are required to be met. In order to apply for horizontal transfer according to the Central Placement Score, candidates are expected to provide program's minimum score at the year when they entered the university. Transfer applications according to the Central Placement Score of students enrolled in universities abroad (except for the universities in TRNC included in the SSPE Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide) are not accepted.


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  • YKS

    Students who will be enrolled to our university with their Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) scores are required to submit their department and university preference lists to T.R. Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). University placement process is run by ÖSYM. Before preparing your preference list, you can review quotas and scores, scholarships and tuition fees pages. 

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