• Opportunity for additional placement!

    Opportunity for additional placement!

    To have the chance of studying your dream department wilth scholarship, discover Maltepe University now!

  • 2020-YKS Additional Placement Guide is now available!

    2020-YKS Additional Placement Guide
    is now available!

    The additional placement period that will continue until September 23 has started as of today. 

  • DGS 2020 Quota and Score Table is now available!

    DGS 2020 Quota and Score 
    Table is now available!

    You can visit our web page to learn more about DGS 2020-2021 Quota and Score Table. 

  • Application for talent examis open!

    Application for talent exam
    is open!

    Registration to Faculty of Fine Arts Departments that accept students with talent exam has started! 

  • Write Your Own Story at YKS!

    Write Your Own Story at YKS!

    Maltepe University motivates students with an animated film addressing university candidates given the number of days before Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS). The music of the animation drawn by the famous Illustrator Yiğit Özgür belongs to Oğuz Durak...

  • Maltepe University is Leader in Distance Learning!

    Maltepe University is 
    Leader in Distance Learning!

    According to The Council of Higher Education’s report, Maltepe University ranked the first among the foundation universities in Turkey in number of online classes and live classroom practices at undergraduate level.

  • Maltepe University ranks in top 20 universities

    Maltepe University ranks in
    top 20 universities

    The results of the Turkey's University Satisfaction Survey TUMA 2020 conducted by University Research Laboratory (UniAR) were announced. Maltepe University ranks 20th among all universities and 11th among foundation universities in the “General Satisfaction Ranking.”

  • Application for Graduate Programs started!

    Application for Graduate
    Programs started!

    Discover our Master's, PhD and Proficiency in Art Programs!

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  • Exam is over, it is time to prefer now

    Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) results, which more than two and a half million candidates are eagerly awaiting, have been announced. The preference marathon begins now. Prospective students will take the first step that will guide their lives and determine their profession with the choice they will make.

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    Maltepe University ranks in top 20 universities


    ÜniAr Outstanding Performance Award

  • 2020-YKS Additional Placement Guide is now available!

    The additional placement period that will continue until September 23 has started as of today.

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    DGS 2020 Quota and Score Table is now available!


    Higher Education Institutions Exam Guide 2020 is available!


Free in thought Modern in Education Universal in Science

Maltepe University Panaromic drone photo


Hosting about 500 events every year, Marmara Education Village offers a vivid university life with its facilities for education, training, research and social activities.

  • Marmara Education Village, which is located on a 1000-decare land among the pine forests, hosts around 500 activities every year with its facilities designed for education, research and social activities and offers its students a vibrant university life at world standards.

    Education Village

    Accommodating faculties, vocational schools and institutes all in one place, the campus is a huge educational complex that includes 188 classrooms with a capacity of 8324 students, 27 laboratories, 41 workshops, 13 sports facilities designed for different sports branches, open air amphitheaters with 8 thousand seat capacity, 4 thousand square meters of film and television plateaus, 7 conference halls, a hotel and a library.

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  • Photo of a student studying at library
    Students at library
    Library Photo
    Student studying at library

    Hosting the most up-to-date print and digital collection, our Library and Information Center offers 5 million accessible resources to its users with a strong technological infrastructure. Our center, which is classified with the LCC (Library of Congress Classification) System and is a member of ANKOS and TÜBİTAK - EKUAL, provides uninterrupted service 24/7 with 150,000 printed books and 12,000 printed magazines. In our library, there are free study rooms, reader computers and internet-connected, open computers available to students.


    The library also includes a special section that includes the collection of rare books and private donations (Prof. Dr. Nermi Uygur Library, Linguist Halidun - Seba Şen Library, Armağan Yüksel Library, Prof. Dr. Erkut Special Architecture Library, Nail Güreli Library, Arif Hikmet Par Library).
    "Official Newspaper Archive and Code since 1941" is open to users in the periodical publication section. Hardcover 1008 magazines, subscribed national and international 167 magazines and 2155 magazine titles are shelved alphabetically in the Open Shelf Layout in the Periodicals Section. There is a total of 29 database subscriptions of one e-book (Ebrary) subscription, full-text, abstract, e-reference and bibliographic.

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  • Standing out with its vibrant campus life and social facilities, Maltepe University offers a vivid environment for social and academic activities. Our students actively participate in university life with clubs that appeal to different interests, from aviation to traditional Turkish arts, chess, theater, architecture, and nature.

    Student Clubs

    Years spent at university are the most beautiful and most important times when individuals achieve the chance to realize their dreams. In this regard, our university provides its students with the environment and opportunities in which they can improve themselves outside class in line with their interests and abilities or acquire new ones.

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  • In Marmara Education Village, there is a total of 13 sports facilities for different sports branches. Football fields in line with UEFA standards, open-closed basketball and volleyball fields, open-closed tennis courts, open-closed swimming pools, walking tracks, dance, fitness and gym centers, our university offers a lot of opportunities in sports.


    At the beginning of every academic year, students are selected for various sports branches, and teams are formed in line with the demands of our students. Our athletes who represent the university in contests, organized by the University Sports Federation of Turkey, achieve high-ranking degrees. Moreover, tournaments within faculties / colleges are organized in various sports branches on campus regularly.

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  • Marmara Education Village hosts many artistic and cultural activities such as concerts, exhibitions, theaters, dance performances and talks throughout the year. Including 8,000-seated Marmara Open Air Theater, known to be one of the largest open-air amphitheaters in Istanbul, Süha Arın Conference Hall and Vedat Çakırca Conference Hall, our campus hosts distinguished names of pop, rock and alternative music genres every May. 


    Witnessing intense participation of students every year, Spring Festivals accommodate various activities ranging from concerts to dance, interviews and theater. Serving with 9000 m2 closed studio space and hundreds of acres of outdoor plateau, Maltepe University Plateaus are among the largest plateau centers in Turkey and Europe. Our plateaus host famous film and television productions every year.

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  • Marmara Education Village Student Houses where life is nested in nature provides an advantage with its proximity to academic buildings and offers all to make young people feel healthy, dynamic and efficient in one place.
    Marmara Education Village Student Houses offer accommodation opportunity in the home comfort and make sure that all the needs of our students are met. Additionally, our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit provides support to all students who stay in houses.


    In the middle of nature, among the pine forests, our dormitories that are built in line with the earthquake regulations meet the accommodation needs of our students; offer a healthy, comfortable and peaceful life opportunity, where permanent friendships are established, solidarity and sharing are learned.
    Each of our dormitories, each of which consists of three floors, has two opposite apartments on each floor, and two rooms next to one another with its own bathroom, located in the middle section. The apartments have four rooms with their own bathroom and a shared kitchen section.

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  • Providing a healthy and safe education environment is vital for a successful education. 


    With regards to this objective, our university offers health services in its Health Center with a doctor, a nurse and two health officers in Marmara Education Village. 

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Student Experience

Students are telling their experiences about Maltepe University...

With the diligent effort of our E-Sports Club in which I serve as the Head of FIFA Unit, and the support of our University, our ranked the third in the Universities E- Sports FIFA League. Moreover, for an academic term, I continued my education in Bucharest, where I went with Erasmus. Here I had the opportunity to learn about different cultures and learn a new language. When I look back, I can say that the university years were the years I discovered myself and shaped my future.

My friends and I founded the ANKA Software Club in 2019 in order to bring everyone interested in software at the university together. With the support of our Technology Transfer Office and our academic staff who have been by our side since the establishment of our club, we succeeded in representing our university in the finals of Izmir Transportation Hackathon Competition.

I would recommend to any international student to come here and to study at our amazing Maltepe University in Istanbul, which gives all opportunities and international education to become a professional and international graduate.

Fatih Yeşilyurt
Fatih Yeşilyurt
Civil Engineering
Emrah Kalfa
Emrah Kalfa
Software Engineering
Harika Cook
Harika Cook
Medical School
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Maltepe University Fatih Yeşilyurt Civil Engineering
Maltepe University Civil Engineering Fatih Yeşilyurt E-Spor Award
Maltepe University Civil Engineering Fatih Yeşilyurt Award E-Spor
Maltepe University Civil Engineering Fatih Yeşilyurt
Maltepe University Software Engineering Emrah Kalfa
Maltepe University Software Engineering Emrah Kalfa

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