Psychology (With Thesis)

Psychology is both a fundamental “science” recognized all over the world and an independent “professional area” in which information obtained in the branch of science is integrated with certain abilities and skills, and practices for changing human behavior and solving problems are made.

Relying mainly on Developmental Psychology, Psychology Master's Program With Thesis is based on the “Scientist-Practitioner” model. The curriculum designed based on this model covers courses that include scientific method, practical courses, a research-based thesis study and internships. The program builds a strong background for psychology graduates who aim to pursue an academic career.

Graduates of Psychology Master's Program can work in various clinics of hospitals, mental health institutions, rehabilitation and family counseling centers, industry and other businesses, courts, penal institutions, advertising agencies, mass media such as radio and television, military institutions and organizations, nursing homes, driver assessment centers and many other institutions as Occupational Staff, Manager, Consultant and Expert Witness, and academician in the field of psychology at colleges, based on the degree of their profession.