Architecture (Without Thesis)

The boundaries of workspace of architects who take on the mission to create a healthy and safe environment for people are in a wide range that includes many disciplines such as art, technology, social sciences, history, design. Architects are active people who provide coordination in all processes from designing, building, usage to maintenance of every space where people live. They play a significant role in the design of future environments, especially concerning about the problems of the rapidly deteriorating environment.

Therefore, the mission of the program is to train environmentally conscious expert professional people and researcher architects who are equipped in all areas from the smallest scale to the largest scale of architectural designs, who can produce creative solutions to environmental needs, produce, search information in the fields of environmental planning and design, and establish a relationship between theory and practice, and work on national and international platforms.

In line with these missions, strategies such as conducting studies based on the needs of the country, integration of university with society, conducting qualified research and evaluating cultural assets, creating solutions for urbanization problems are taken into consideration.