Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program focuses mainly on meeting the psychological assistance needs of children and young people studying at different levels of education, from kindergarten to high school level, and providing individuals in need with personal-social, educational and professional psychological counseling and guidance services.

The program aspirses to train Psychological Counselors who are sensitive to important social issues, primarily educational problems, solution-oriented, constantly improve themselves, focus on respect to life, and are adhered to both universal and professional principles, and who have competencies in meeting the psychological counseling needs of children and young people, have scientific competence to work effectively in health, social service and industrial institutions.

The graduates of the department can work in many areas with the title of "School Counselor" in institutions providing different levels of education from kindergarten to high school, with the title of “Psychological Counselor” in many different fields, from industry to social assistance institutions, health institutions and related departments of Ministries, or pursue their academic careers by doing master's and doctorate degrees.