School of Nursing

The aim of the nursing undergraduate program is to train nurses who can provide holistic care services to improve, protect, treat, and rehabilitate the health of individuals, families, and communities. With the training model developed in this direction, nurses who think critically, make decisions, develop problem-solving skills, communicate effectively, and adhere to nursing values and ethical principles are trained in addition to professional competence.

Nursing students practice the courses in Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospital equipped with modern technological equipment that serves under our university, various educational research and public hospitals affiliated with Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate and family health centers within the Public Health Directorate.

During the 14-week curriculum in the Fall and Spring semesters, theoretical field courses and applications are carried out simultaneously. On certain days in the weekly curriculum, the student has to participate in the hospital practices of the relevant field course.

When all students reach the final year, they prepare for the postgraduate working life by developing their competencies with intensive clinical experience in practical courses given in

their fields of interest for one year (separate fall and spring semesters).

In clinical practice, students wear the uniform required by the nursing profession Clinical practical courses are carried out under the supervision of faculty members and clinical instructors and in related fields within the framework of the Internship Directive of our School in accordance with the protocols established by the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate and Maltepe University Rectorate.

A skill scorebook developed by Maltepe University School of Nursing is used in the evaluation of clinical applications.

Graduates can work as academicians in hospitals, public health centers, primary and secondary schools, home care institutions, outpatient clinics, offices and kindergartens.