Radio, Television and Cinema

Department of Radio, Television and Cinema aspires to educate individuals who will produce products in cultural areas in accordance in line with the requirements of the communication age and promote, sell, distribute and analyze these products as well as their production. The department has been accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation Board for Communication Education (ILEDAK) as of 2020.

The mission of the department is to train communicators who are equipped with the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge and practice skills in mass communication, experienced in the subjects of scripts, management, images, sounds and fiction, and have developed skills in critical thinking and ethical approach. The program aims to build a strong bridge between theory and application, and to provide an integrated perspective on content and form. Therefore, the curriculum includes courses lectured by faculty and industry professionals.

Students can participate in different projects and workshops organized by the faculty and university or develop projects themselves. 30-day compulsory internship and graduation projects done in the senior year enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge. In sector jury meetings organized as part of graduation projects, students get the opportunity to learn the value of their work in the sector. 

Department graduates can work as producers, directors, copywriters, screenwriters, presenters, cameramen, image selectors or fiction operators in television channels, film production companies and advertising agencies.