Graphic Arts

Containing all aesthetic and art forms in itself, graphic design embraces an education approach unique to visual, aural, written and art disciplines. The department aspires to train graduates who have creative and aesthetic visual language and can visualize abstract thinking. All design materials, from web sites to newspapers, books to posters, packages to ads, brochures to catalogs and logos are products of graphic. These products whose basic mission is to transmit message correctly and knowledge to target audience fast prioritize functionality and distinctiveness.

In Graphic Arts Department, there are courses such as Basic Graphic Design, Typography, Photography, Art History, Graphic Art History, Symbolic Analysis, Package Design, Ad Analysis, Illustration, Pattern, Project, Graphic Shaping that consitute the foundation of graphic education as well as common area courses, and Basic Graphic Design, Graphic Shaping and Printmaking Atelier, Photography Studio are lectured in two MAC Computer Labs. 

While graduates can have job opportunities in ad agencies, visual media companies, printing, photography and film industries, they can continue to their professional life, establishing their own businesses or become academicians.