Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Program has been established to meet the need for knowledgeable, competent and technical personnel who can take on occupational safety responsibility for occupational safety in all industry and service sector in the light of technology and knowledge regarding occupational accidents and occupational diseases that may occur in business life. 

The core mission of the program is to minimize risks in workplaces, increase the efficiency of work and workers and create a healthy and safe work environment. Moreover, its mission is to ensure the prevention or reduction of occupational accidents through raising awareness of all employees about occupational and professional diseases.

Our students graduate with the title of "Occupational Health and Safety Technician." In case program graduates succeed in the exam, they can be entitled as "Occupational Safety Specialist." Graduates can find employment in all branches of institutions and organizations in service and industry sectors as technician or occupational safety specialist.