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Industrial Engineering (Without Thesis)

Industrial Engineering Master's Program aspires to train graduates who are specialized in areas such as optimization, business analytics and data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, simulation, production planning, quality management, statistical process control, business and time study, facility planning, inventory management, workforce planning, investment planning, engineering economy, cost analysis, project management, efficiency management, income management, can create solutions to the problems of industry with scientific methods, research and development-oriented, and are competent in system modeling and design.

Supported by laboratory studies, the program provides students with not only the faculty members' experience and knowledge in business life, but also the opportunity to practice them to offer solutions to commercial problems related to their specialties by emphasizing collaboration with industry.

Those who have obtained the Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering have the opportunity to work in many different fields within the industry, public and service sectors such as production, logistics, energy, health, finance, transportation, informatics, etc. In the meantime, they can continue their PhD studies with this degree and can participate in academic studies.

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