Philosophy (With Thesis)

The Master's Program of Philosophy aspires to help learners gain the ability to solve philosophical problems; develop their ability to understand, analyze and interpret; gain philosophical perspective and philosophical thinking to see the connections among goings-on. Apart from the general objectives of the program, its particular purposes can be briefly stated as follows: While the program takes into account the past of philosophy, it is not only about focusing on the past – because in today's world, what is expected from philosophy is not only about learning the past-; it aspires to solve conditions of the world that we live in today, forms of thinking models through the employment of different models of the past, preparing for the future world with this perspective and taking part among creators of tomorrow's world. With this side, what is expected from student at master's level in philosophy is to gain sensitivity to contemporary problems and questions.

Those who graduate from the program, which offers options in the fields of Education Philosophy, Ethics and Applied Ethics, Philosophy and Social Policy, can work in various ministries, public institutions and institutions, ethics committees, as well as in organizations working on the basis of university, secondary schools, media, public relations companies, publishing houses, foundations, NGOs and organizations on a volunteer basis.