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Logistics and Supply Chain Management (With Thesis)

The mission of this program is to train executive candidates and academic staff who know basic principles, strategies, functions and techniques of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, are equipped with analytical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills, can integrate theory and practice, and look upon events and problems with a system approach and a supply chain management perspective.

In this program, which requires interdisciplinary studies and is fed by different branches of science, curriculum consists of elective courses such as integrated logistics management, statistical analysis and decision models, production systems management, research methods, etc. compulsory professional courses and warehouse and distribution center management, customs and free zones management, green and reverse logistics, disaster and humanitarian logistics, etc. These courses are supported by research assignments, activities such as seminar, symposium, congress and congress. 

Graduates can participate in logistics and foreign trade departments of national and international businesses, logistics enterprises and logistics service providers, port enterprises, various public institutions and organizations, universities and research companies as result of the education they take.