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Private Law (For Students With M.S. Degrees)

The mission of Private Law PhD program is to equip students admitted to the program with high-level theoretical knowledge that will closely follow both the theoretical and practical developments of the subjects they are interested with their thesis studies on subject-specific topics. 

The program aspires to provide individuals with the ability to conduct independent research, examine scientific events from a broad, deep and rational perspective, and to identify the necessary steps to achieve new syntheses. The thesis to be prepared at the end of the doctoral study must fulfill one of the qualifications of bringing innovation to science, developing a new scientific method, applying a known method to a new field.

The program encourages lawyers to look at their subject of interest from multiple perspectives. In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the training of the participants who are qualified to graduate from the program as dynamic and competent lawyers who have multidisciplinary approach in their professonal lives and legal background that today's business world needs.