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Histology and Embryology (For Students With B.S. Degrees)

Rapid advances in cellular and molecular medicine have significantly affected clinical medicine by providing information about the root causes of many diseases. Evidence to this is the development of new generation electron microscopes and their use in diagnosis, stunning developments in stem cell and embryo culture and in-vitro fertilization methods.

With this program, it is aimed to train histologologists who can adapt to micro and nano-ultrastructural imaging technologies, produce new medical histo-technology methods, conduct scientific research using them, and contribute to clinical diagnosis.

Investigation of intrauterine development periods of embryo at molecular level starting from gamete stage, learning structural and functional abnormalities related to male and female reproductive system and embryo development. New clinical applications in assisted reproductive techniques; tissue analysis methods, mRNA, DNA, miRNA, chromotographic methods, flow cytometry and spectrophotometric methods will be learned.

PhD students will learn to conduct experiments meticulously, publish their own studies and grasp a general understanding of their research field by developing analytical and scientific thinking skills through the training they have acquired during the program process. It is aimed to provide free thinking and synthesis motivation in the training process, to be able to monitor national and international publications, to educate PhD scientists who respect all universal ethical principles, adopt the concept of team, follow contemporary science and technology, who can develop himself / herself personally and professionally with lifelong learning awareness, and contribute to science at national and international levels.