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Architecture (After License)

The PhD Program primarily aspires to provide academic and scientific research that will produce social and physical solutions in the field of architecture and design, create new models, create new scientific methods, demonstrate a hypothesis in a designated field in a known or developed way and perform documentation.

In addition to offering an advanced education for candidates who want to pursue an academic career and developing research in the fields on theory, design, knowledge, technology, structure and city, Architecture Doctorate Program aspirs to train well-equipped researchers and expert architects who are respectful to the environment and cultural values ​​and can produce new techniques.

In this respect, the vision of the PhD Program in the Department of Architecture is to lead scientific research and establish the basis for original applications to develop the architectural awareness of society as a leading institution on a national and international scale and to improve the quality of life through architecture.

Doktora tezi sonucunda tezi hazırlayan kişi araştırdığı alanla ilgili derinlemesine uzmanlık kazanır; bu konuda bilim ve üretim alanında geliştirilecek yeni alanlara öncülük eder.

As a result of the doctoral thesis, the person who prepares the thesis gains in-depth expertise in the field of research; leads to new areas to be developed in the field of science and production on this subject.