Proficiency in Art (Post Graduate)

The Proficiency in Art Program has been established for those who aim to pursue academic career in the field of cinema, to work in the film industry and to gain expert knowledge in the field, to contribute to the field with theoretical and practices studies.

In the program, individuals who are accepted to the program are provided with a comprehensive knowledge in the field of cinema in line with their individual interests and orientations, and are allowed to produce original works. In this regard, it is aimed to offer students a broad perspective with many courses, from art philosophy to cinema theories, theoretical principles of fiction to film language and analysis, from traditional methods of expression to new orientations in cinema.

Relying on idea that progress and development in the field of cinema, like in any other field, can only be achieved with a scientific approach, The Proficiency in Art Program offers a curriculum for both those who want to make academic studies and conscious and well-equipped cinema artists of the future.