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Philosophical Counseling (With Thesis)

Our age has been changing rapidly, new needs are constantly rising and the world of life is being restructured toward these needs. The rapid change causes the philosophical background of the needs that arise from time to time not to be discerned and the connection of practical benefit with the culture of philosophy not to be understood and evaluated sufficiently. In fact, the prerequisite of being able to determine the direction of change is the ability to use the power of reason that can reconstruct the new contexts of need for people and societies to guide. Thus, instead of watching change only, being the leader of change is also possible with the accurate use of mind. 

Philosophy education is a triggering force for raising individuals who will serve the society, public life, in brief humanity by creating and sustaining a "humanely world." Those who graduate from Philosophical Couseling Master's Program, still is the first and only program in our country can consult individuals, groups, companies through couseling offices that they can establish independently; work in the field of "Philosophy for Children," which has been the trend in recent years.

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