International Trade and Logistics EN

Meeting international trade demands is only possible with strong knowledge of international trade and a well-planned logistics process. There is no logistics without trade, no trade without logistics. In this context, our department trains professionals who are competent in both international trade and logistics.

The Department of International Trade and Logistics aims to train well-equipped, solution-oriented and experienced managers who can meet the increasing need for effective management of foreign trade and logistics activities, international competition conditions and logistics designs.

Within this scope, the department offers courses such as international trade, logistics and supply chain management, purchasing, production and stock management, management and organization, financial management as well as elective courses such as entrepreneurship and business development, dangerous and special substances logistics, international marketing.

In our practice-oriented curriculum, theoretical knowledge is combined with practical knowledge with two compulsory internships, one in foreign trade and one in logistics. In addition, successful students can complete their industrial practice course in the last semester by working full time at their internship organisations. This makes it an easier transition period to business life.

Students who graduate from the Department of International Trade and Logistics can work as managers or experts in many different departments such as planning, purchasing, supply chain, as well as foreign trade and logistics companies, relevant public institutions, research institutions, trade and logistics consultancy companies, and as academics at universities.