Public Relations and Publicity

Public Relations and Publicity Department, accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation Board for Communication Education (ILEDAK) in 2020, aspires to train experts who have the competence in studying public relations, advertising, marketing communication, theoretical knowledge and application skills, and are adhered to ethical principles, capable of developing sensitive, critical thinking and creative solutions to social problems and agenda.

The department aims to educate contemporary practitioners who can combine practice with theoretical knowledge by offering courses, workshops and projects that cover the strategy and implementation processes of public relations and advertising areas, and in the meantime, constitute the basic foundation for a communication expert such as art, culture, economics, philosophy, politics, law, sociology and psychology. In order to develop the understanding of students about the industry, some courses are lectured by professionals who work in significant positions, which plays a critical role in strengthening the cooperation of both the department staff and the students with the industry.

Students are given the chance to have work experience with compulsory 30-day internships and public relations, media planning, advertising campaigns courses and graduations projects that are conducted in cooperation with the industry in the third and fourth year of their study, and receive feedbacks about their campaigns from industry representatives. Besides working as academician, graduates can work in advertising agencies, public relations companies, media planning and purchasing companies, marketing, advertising, public relations and corporate communications departments of private institutions.