The definition, analysis, collection and writing techniques of news have changed, and as a result, new concepts such as media criticism, public-citizen journalism, media education and media literacy are born. In this regard, the Department of Journalism is a communication department that constantly conveys the updated and qualified understanding of journalism to students.

The Department, which has been accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation Board for Communication Education (ILEDAK) in 2020, aims to train personnel with technical, graphic and management knowledge and skills. In addition to the theoretical and practical courses offered by the faculty members and experts working in the industry, compulsory graduation projects and internship opportunities enable students to internalize characteristics of a well-equipped press member.

In juries, which are composed of industry professionals for the evaluation of graduation projects, students are given the chance to experience the counterbalance of their work in the sector. Faculty's newspaper, “Letter,” is an important indicator and supporter of our qualified and fully equipped education approach.

The graduates of Journalism Department can work as journalists, page secretaries, editors, columnists and editors. They can take on positions in visual and audio media as well as in print media organizations, especially in news centers. In addition to academic career, our graduates can take active role in all local and national press organizations, and serve as press advisors in public or private institutions.