Cartoon and Animation

Having established in 2004, the department is known to be the first Cartoon and Animation Program in Istanbul and the second in Turkey, following Eskişehir Anadolu University. Given that the curriculum is designed with a background that enables students to produce movies before graduation, being updated parallel to education system in the world, students have the chance to participate in local and international festivals with their films as well as a background to achieve a successful trend in the industry.

Cartoon and Animation Department trains students as "Animation Director," "Animation Art Director," "Concept Designer," "Visual Effect Director," "Graphic Motion Designer," "Composing Artist," and "3D Generalist" with a creative perspective and "artist" character. 

Within the scope of the program, graduates who are equipped with a background required for film production can work in every stahe of animation film production in the industry as well as pursue an academic career in their fields.