First and Emergency Assistance

First and Emergency Assistance Program aspires to train technicians who can work in emergency ambulance, patient transport ambulance, air (helicopter and aircraft) and marine ambulances, other emergency vehicles, all services that offer emergency health service such as hospital, polyclinic etc., constantly update their knowledge and skills in line with the developments in Medicine. 

In the program, training is offered to develop individuals who can adapt to changing conditions, have problem solving skills, are productive, can communicate effectively with others, can work in teams, are equipped with professional skills in line with contemporary demands, and who know social responsibilities.

Students who graduate from the program are employed in public and private institutions serving in the health sector, at universities, emergency departments of hospitals, highway, airway and seaway ambulances in accordance with their qualifications.

a)    Sudents who are eligible to enroll in the program can register for the optional language preparatory class. The preparatory class is not included in the years shown in the education period column.
b)     Students who are entitled to enroll in the program have application / internship training in two ways.
•    Students enrolled in the program undertake practice internships at public hospitals affiliated to the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate within at 112 stations  the scope of the practice courses in the first year spring semester and the second year spring semester, on the condition that 1 day of the semester week, 14 working days (28 working days in total).
•    Students are required to do a summer internship for 30 working days in order to graduate. Students can do their summer internships in the public or private hospitals of the province they reside outside of Istanbul, provided that they find a place on their own. Students who want to complete their summer internship in Istanbul go on a summer internship at the public hospitals affiliated with the Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate. Under both conditions, students' insurance entries are covered by our institution.
c)    Students are required to wear uniforms with the colors recommended by our institution and with the Maltepe University logo during their practice and internship training at healthcare facilities. In our department, Paramedic uniform (Ministry of Health and not writing 112) is worn during internships.  In addition, student ID cards must be hung on their collars while they are in the health facility.
d)    Purchase of the consumables required for the lessons given in our school's laboratory are covered by our institution.
e)    The courses of our program are conducted in Marmara Education Village Campus. Courses within the scope of professional practice / internship may vary depending on the location of the public health facility where the students are assigned.
f)    It is not possible to work as a part-time student in our program. Students can be employed as part-time students at the Rectorate.
g)    g) Students who are entitled to enroll in the program can benefit from opportunities such as scholarships, discounts and meals within the framework of the provisions in the Republic of Turkey Maltepe University Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships and Discounts Directive.
Additional item: Health report, height, weight, etc. The Higher Education Council has decided that the conditions are not included in the YKS guides, that the existing conditions are excluded from the guide, and that health reports are not requested by higher education institutions.