Child Development

Child Development Program is an associate degree program established to meet the need for education and counseling so that children can live in a healthy environment. The mission of the program is to train intermediate staff to all units that provide services to children, families and communities in this field with a training program that supports the development of children who develop normally at 0-18 years old and have special needs. 

The program includes theoretical and practical courses on the development and education of 0-18-year old children. In practical courses, individual and group training of children who develop normally and have special needs are covered. All these studies are conducted along with observations and applications in the field. Practices are carried out in public and private pre-school education institutions, private education schools and private education and rehabilitation centers.

Program graduates can work in preschool education institutions of private and public schools, nursery classes, day nurseries / kindergartens / nurseries, special education and rehabilitation centers.